Traditional medical treatments put animal species in danger

CBD hemp oil is a 100% natural product, it does not contain chemical substances or genetically modified organisms (GMO), so it can be administered to youngsters, older people and even lactating women. This product is an excellent option for the treatment of different diseases such as epilepsy and cancer.

Despite the foregoing, due to ignorance, many people continue to reject the idea of going for an alternative treatment such as the CBD and opt for more ‘exotic’ ones without knowing the damage it may be causing to nature.

Around the world, more and more species are disappearing while others are in danger of extinction for different reasons, one of this reasons is due to beliefs about the healing properties generated by the consumption of parts of these animals.

It’s said that there are currently less than 200 Chinese crocodiles on the world, and part of this has to be with the fact that people is hunting them because it is believed that consuming its meat helps to cure colds and prevents cancer. In the same way, the Asian elephant is hunted for its tusks and other parts, in Myanmar, for example, small pieces of the elephant foot are used to make a paste that, supposedly, serves to treat hernias.

Like these species, there are others that are being hunted for its supposed medicinal properties even when there are no proofs of such things as tests have ever been done. The tiger is killed by its bones, claws and other parts that, say, heal the toothache; the rhinoceros because it is believed that its horn relieves fever; and the water buffalo because its horn supposedly helps to reduce convulsions. These kind of new beliefs, which attempt against different species and their habitats, are born every day without any foundations.

With the wide variety of natural medications, such as CBD, that are offered in the market to cure ailments such as fever, pain and reduce seizures, it seems incredible that so many people still decide to risk wildlife by using treatments without any scientifically support.

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