Sometimes the variety of products with similar names derived from hemp and cannabis sativa can confused people. This is the case of hemp oil and CBD oil, both excellent products that serve different needs and give diverge results, allowing the costumers to choose the one that suits their taste and necessities the best.

Hemp oil comes from the seeds of hemp plant, which is why it is also known as hemp seed oil. Given that it does not generate psychoactive effects on its consumers, this oil is legal in most countries and can be purchased in stores or even on internet.

Thanks to its multiple uses, hemp oil is very recognized worldwide. With low levels of CBD and being rich in protein, vitamin E, Omega 6 and Omega 3 this oil is commonly used as an ingredient when it comes to cook, many people add it to food because it contains all the amino acids and fatty acids essential to the human body and has a very little level of saturated fatty acids. Also, it can be used as a moisturizer after a shower, for the manufacture of paints and even to create different types of lotions, soaps or plastic.

As for CBD oil, it is obtained from cannabis or hemp flowers that have a high cannabidiol content. Despite not generating psychoactive effects, ignorance has caused the CBD to be banned on some places or to have regulate sale to a great extent in others. However, thanks to the large number of studies that prove its effectiveness for medicinal purposes, it’s becoming increasingly accepted and more commercialized worldwide.

Among its therapeutic properties we can find that it serves to treat pains, anxiety, depression, inflammations, epileptic seizures, skin diseases and even to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. This product is usually expensive due to the arduous process of cultivation and production, and the fact that to obtain a few milliliters of oil it is necessary to use a lot of flowers.

In addition, CBD oil is a 100% natural product that does not contain synthetic chemicals. Its dropper presentation makes the task of administering it much easier, since it can be applied directly under the tongue or in food.