CBD against Landon’s Leukemia

Five years ago, in September 2012, the worst nightmare for a small family in Utah, United States, began. Sierra Riddle received the terrible news that her little son Landon, just 2 years old at the time, had chronic lymphatic leukemia, the most common cancer in children. Once he was diagnosed, Sierra began a battle against the clock hoping that her son’s health would improve and his life expectancy would be prolonged no matter what consequences it might brought.

For Landon, the chemotherapy started by noting that his cancer was spreading rapidly and his chances for surviving were only of an eight percent, so doctors recommended a four-year treatment for him. At the beginning, everything went normal; however, two months later Landon was so weak that he stay on the couch the whole day, the pain on his legs made it difficult for him to walk, he lost half his weight since he stopped eating because he was vomiting continuously and at some point he even needed blood and platelets transfusions. According to his mother, he was dying.

A friend of the family decided to seek for help and created a Facebook page called “Offer hope for Landon”, where she sought treatment advice or ways to help the child’s health improvement. Innumerable were the comments that came and, among those, many mentioned the use of medicinal cannabis. Riddle decided to investigate on the subject and found out that it was proven that, among cannabidiol, cannabinoids (compounds found in Cannabis Sativa) led to the death of cancer cells. However, the use of cannabis and its derivatives in Utah was illegal, so in 2013 she decided to travel to Colorado to give this striking treatment a try.

At that time, Landon became the youngest patient in the United States to receive his card to acquire medical marijuana, generating huge impact throughout the country due to his young age. In spite of innumerable criticisms, Riddle settled with his son in Colorado to follow the treatment from there.

For a year, Riddle was frequently traveling to Utah for Landon to continue his chemotherapy treatment, while using cannabidiol to counteract its effects. When the chemotherapy finally stopped, Landon and his mother began to see amazing results in the child’s health, even ceasing the need for blood and platelets transfusions. However, everything changed once the doctor who treated Landon at Denver Children’s Hospital, learned about Riddle’s decision as he threatened to report her to the authorities.

In respond, Riddle decided to stop administering the opioids, morphine and all the medicines that had been prescribed to his son by this doctor as she fought him and the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to continue treating Landon with the cannabinoid.

Finally, the DFPS supported Riddle until it was verified that the child no longer suffered leukemia, and she continued to administer him CBD in oil and capsules to mitigate the sequelae of radiation. Now that the laws allow the use of medical cannabis in 29 states in the USA, she became an activist and managed, along with other parents, to pass a State Law so that children like Landon, with chronic diseases, consume medical cannabis in schools. She also has the theory that the chemotherapy in conjunction with the cannabinoid achieved that his son entered into remission, being the cannabinoid the one that does not let the cancer return.

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