¿Cannabidiol oil for children? The case of Charlotte Figi

There’s probably no worse fear for parents than seeing their children ill or in pain. When an infant or young child is diagnosed with a disease that may suffer for the rest of their life, it is also an illness that their parents or guardians will have to deal with.

Throughout my search for the benefits of cannabidiol, I was always unsure whether it was possible to administer it to minors without posing a risk to their health or not; however, the results showed that this component is administered around the world in children who suffer from epileptic seizures caused by different syndromes, as well as in patients with autism and cancer.

40 percent of epilepsy cases are detected in children under 15, and in approximately 7 out of 10 cases of childhood epilepsy it is not possible to identify the causes. Some of the children who suffer from these crises also present convulsions, fever and loss of consciousness, which difficult their normal development as they cannot perform the same activities as other children of their age, reason why they must be under continuous supervision.

In many cases medical treatments have not been enough to improve children’s symptoms; therefore, with the intention that their children have a childhood as normal and full as possible, many parents have chosen to use CBD as an alternative. As mentioned in the study made for Dr. Saúl Garza in Mexico (hyperlink), when it is applied under medical supervision and in adequate doses, CDB can reduce crises by 86 percent and in some cases even make them cease altogether.

Charlotte Figi is one of the most recognized examples of CBD used in kids, as her case came to light in 2013 generating numerous controversial opinions. Charlotte, born in Colorado on October 18th, 2006, suffered from Dravet syndrome and had her first epileptic seizure when she was only three months old; from there her attacks increased progressively until reaching approximately 300 epileptic seizures per week, which made it impossible for her to perform simple tasks such as eat, talk or walk, even her heart came to a halt on several occasions. In the midst of their despair, her parents Matt and Paige Figi, looked for different medical treatments that managed to reduce the crises, nevertheless nothing gave them the expected result until they tried with the cannabidiol oil.

With the help of Dr. Margaret Gedde and Alan Shackelford, Charlotte began cannabis treatment by challenging those who warned her parents of the effects it might bring to her health. The change was shocking, she went from having 300 attacks a week to only 3 and finally to 2 or 3 attacks at month.

The oil not only saved Charlotte’s life, who was on the verge of death repeatedly due to cardiac arrest, but incredibly improved her quality of life, the girl now eats alone, walks and even rides a bike. For Paige the cannabidiol oil is a blessing that changed the life of her family from the first dose.

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