Welcome to Benefits of CBD


Some years ago, when I was watching TV news, I saw the case of a Little girl with a strange illnes, she was being treated with an unknow method  for me. Her symptoms were quickly ceasing and her quality of life was more and more optimum, however the wave of critics that rained to her parents because of the treatment partially eclipsed the miracle.

My name is Juliana Correa Botero, I’m journalism student in the University of Antioquia y I’ve been studying for a long time about the cannabidiol and its properties. My passion is the search of truth and help as much as I can to others. When I saw the controversy of the case, I started to research about this product, that  was whats gets me to finally créate this blog, because, somehow, I feel that I have to share a Little bit of my knowledge about CBD so people who don’t know about it, can learn about its multiple benefits y take advantage in case they require them.

Welcome to my blog y to this revolutionary medical alternative 🙂